Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting started

At noon the last participants arrived from Antigua. As early birds, they spent some days in this city and around Atitlan Lake.

First lunch together in Guatemala city

The introductory meeting took longer than expected. After going over the agenda and practical and logistic matters, Oikocredit’s regional and country offices reps gave presentations on the operations with a focus on environmental matters. Andreas, an Oikocredit member from Germany living in Guatemala as journalist, gave some insights into the country from tips for intercultural relations to the concept and identity as indigenous.

The day closed with a dinner at a restaurant close to the hotel. It was nice Guatemalan food, which I have started to appreciate very much.

I look much forward to hit the road tomorrow. Can I have another tamal, please?

Oikocredit Guatemala and regional staff (Photo A. Vargas)

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