Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Before the sunset

The time came when we had to say goodbye to the people of CADECH. They prepared a farewell lunch in a typical restaurant. A local group was playing marimba and we could visit the traditional sugar cane mill.

Souvenirs I received from CADECH

To remember the visit, they gave us a lovely souvenir: a small version of the typical hat coffee farmers wear with our names engraved in it. We exchanged best wishes and hit the road again to Palo Amontonado, 3 hours driving from Chanmagua.

Around 5pm we arrived to Alimentos Campestres. It was good to arrive before the sunset as it gets very dark and the road leading to the factory is narrow and a bit dangerous.

This was the first time I saw first-hand how solar panels work to capture clean energy. Besides, I saw how bananas are being dried.

Bananas dried with solar energy at Alimentos Campestres (Photo A. Vargas)

Unfortunately there were no samples anywhere to take home. Wish me luck trying to find Alimentos Campestres snacks in the local supermarket.

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