Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby garments for export

We had to wait some time outside a building before Flavio Saramani Laime appeared from around the corner. He apologized for being late as he was in the market dispatching some orders.
At the end of a corridor, there is a small apartment where the small garment factory is located. Wherever you look around, there are piles of baby clothes in pastel colours. He learned everything about the business from his father, who produced clothes for adults.
Flavio once studied business administration at the university, but he was not able to complete this education and only made it to the third year. His ability to look for market opportunities led him to a baby garment factory, after discovering a niche in the market. His feeling proved to be right: Flavio has been in the business for more than 18 years. During those years, he experienced growth and difficulties.
”In the most difficult moments, when I had much stock and could not sell my garments, I went to FIE and they understood me. They helped me by reprogramming my repayment schedule in a win-win situation. Thanks to refinancing my debt, my business was saved.”
While talking over a local soft drink, Flavio shared his dreams of exporting in the future. To achieve this, he needs to buy a shed and a storehouse where he could have a larger atelier with 50 employees and produce exports for Paraguay, Argentina and Mexico.
“One should not be conformist with what one has achieved,” says Flavio as he gives me his business card and we say good-bye.

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