Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go, go... Oikocredit!

The small cottages in Cerro del Toro are very cozy. Built in wood, they look pintoresque in spite of the grey and rainy day. I try to imagine this place in the summer with a lot of people and children playing by the swimming pool. In the large conference room, the Oikocredit delegation – three people from the Uruguayan office and two of us from Dutch office - were warmly welcomed. We sat at a large table, and were introduced to the players of… the Oikocredit wheelchair basketball team!

It was a nice surprise to see these young men wearing a white tee with our logo on. During lunch, it was uncertain if the basketball game will go on as it was still raining. But by the time we finished lunch, rain has stopped. The game can begin!

Some of them move using crutches, others need a wheelchair. We supported “our boys” along the line, and celebrated loudly every basket. The game was intense, and every point was disputed. The players demonstrated their high skills and outstanding physical condition: it demands much energy to play basketball and move with a wheelchair. At the end, the Oikocredit team lost, but it did not matter: everybody had a good time, and we witnessed again how investing in people can make the difference.

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